No Rules When It Comes To Design

v140125v142014v142001v140217I’m so excited to share great ideas and helpful information about something that I have a great passion for. My thought was to talk to you about my design projects and the design work that I do. One question that I get asked a lot by my clients is, “Is there a rule for this or that when designing?” and to let the secret out, there are no specific rules in my opinion. You want to be creative as a designer and being creative means having no rules! Designers should be creative and we like to use our creativity when designing a interior, so who wants or even needs rules! That is why you hire a designer, so they can think out side of the box for you and bring you ideas you never would have thought of. In a recent project, a part of the design project comes to mind; the design for the pillows for a clients sectional. They need to coordinate with a beautiful rug that is expected to arrive any day. There were many questions, which included is there a rule of how many pillows do we use, what patterns, how big should they be, what size and shape should they be etc… After taking everything in to consideration, I came up with the perfect combination of patterns, sizes and amounts that will look perfect on her sectional, keeping in mind functionality. You unfortunately have to consider and keep functionality in mind when you have children, pets, and even grown husbands! Sometimes it is not fun because it means you might not be able to use that perfect fabric you have selected or, in our case, the perfect pillow because it is to light of a color or it has pretty decorative accents that we’re just not sure will make it through the first month with your kids, pets, or husband!  Some of the pillows that were selected are shown. They are from a company I carry called Villa Home, that has gorgeous pillows. I’m also having other pillows custom made with a linen animal print from Brunschwig & Fils. I will post our pictures after the installation of everything, so you can see how great the room turned out. Remember, when creating a room, there are no rules. Rules just hold you back from being creative and creating the perfect room for your home and your family.

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